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Trees are What We Do!

Holbrook House Farm

Tree health

As the technology of plant health care has moved forward, John Holbrook has remained on the leading edge of change. He was part of a team investigating the infestation of black oaks with the gall wasp. When left untreated, this infestation which particularly affects the black oak, will cause the oaks to die. Not one tree treated by John and his team has been lost, using the latest methods to counter this invasion.

Holbrook House Farm offers the latest techniques in tree fertilization to minimize the impact on the environment.

General tree care

Be it up in the tree or down on the ground, Holbrook House Farm offers a variety of general tree care services, ranging from pruning and trimming to planting and transplanting.
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Nursery and firewood

John's advanced knowledge on trees and shrubs will assist you in making the right choices for beautifying your yard. The farm sells trees and shrubs and if you are looking for something else, his excellent relationship with other nurseries on the Cape will stand you in good stead.

Firewood is also on sale.
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