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Tree Health Care on Cape Cod

Cape Cod Tree Health Care

John Holbrook is very active with all operations of tree and plant health care. His expertise in diagnosing, planing treatment along with his plant health care team and your input will help to insure your healthy landscape.

Holbrook's Tree and Plant Health Care Services include:

Tree Root HealthRoot Collar Excavation

Girdling roots circle around the tree root ball, restricting water and nutrients. If the root flare is covered too deep or the root ball is not prepared correctly when planted, the root system is susceptible to root rot and even tree decline.

Root Collar Treatment:

We use an AIR-SPADE® which uses high speed air to effectively penetrate and dislodge most types of soil, but is harmless to non-porous objects such as plant roots, buried pipes, or cables. The AIR-SPADE® allows us to blow excess soil from the root collar. We then evaluate the root structure, pruning crossing roots. After the evaluation, we  use amended soil to cover the roots to the proper height.

Tree and Shrub Trimming and Pruning:

Trimming and pruning improves the aesthetics, safety, and health of the tree or shrub. With your direction and our expertise, we will help you realize your vision of the perfect landscape.

Spring & Fall Pest and Insect Control:

Spring and Fall pest and insect control is attained using horticultural oil-Organic pest or insect control, applied primarily fruit trees and shrubs.

Spring pest spray is applied in a timely manner using proven chemistry that insures positive results.

Pine Tip Moth spray controls the larva that feed on new growth of Pitch Pine cones and shoots. Look for dead shoots, twig dieback and holes in cones. Two sprays in the spring are recommended.

Poison Ivy and vine spray - is applied in spring mid or late summer.

Knotweed is a perennial highly invasive plant with reddish heart-shaped leaves which quite hearty and needs to be controlled. We recommend applying Knotweed Spray to or more times each fall.

Comfort spray is used to control mosquitos, sand fleas, & also mites.

Tree and Plant SprayingWe offer Winter and Gypsy moth spraying. Please call us early to get on the list. We spray using the safest chemistry available today to help prevent defoliation of trees and shrubs.  When these pests eat the product, they become dehydrated then die.

Midsummer pest mitigation - For Spruce and Furs. We check the plants for spider mites by  putting a white paper under the branch and we tap the branch hard. If mites are present, they fall onto the paper.

Safer Soap spray- We use this non-pesticide to kill Hard Scale and soft body insects.

Horticultural oil spray- A non-pesticide is used to kill soft-bodied insects on woody ornamentals and trees.

Fungicide spray- to eliminate light fungal problems on plants, shrubs, and trees. Once the powdery mildew which looks like a dusting of flour or in some cases, yellowing and drying of the leaves in identified, the course of action is to remove all litter and a fungicide spray.

Fungal ground & folder drench is applied in spring and mid-summer,  treats heavier fungal problems on Rhododendron, and Azalea plants.

Pest and Tick Control is applied spring, mid-summer, and fall. We offer two programs;  Organic spray is generally used around animal and children’s play areas. Non-organic generally is used on the exterior edges of property.

Anti-desiccant spray is applied in December and February and is recommended for plants in windy & cold areas.

Organic Fertilization is applied in the Spring and Fall using ground injection or Kelp Humate and Fish Emulsion that is applied to the root system to strengthen and encourage new growth. This also improving the all-around health of trees and plants.

We treat diseased trees for Pest and Fungus using the latest Arbor-jet trunk inject system.  Using the Arbor-jet we can treat a variety of tree and plant diseases. To find there pests, look for holes in bark  or misshapen limbs or early leaf drop. After a rain, look for mushrooms under the tree. If you see any of these conditions, call us. We will come out and take a look and prescribe a course of action.

Trunk inject for White Oak Decline. Our Therapy is applied in spring and fall to treat a variety of diseases. We will come out and take a look and prescribe a course of action. Currently on Cape Cod, white oak decline has become widespread. One of the symptoms are defoliation from the top down.

Tree Care Urgency:

We need to start treatment when it is detected, the day after you look up and see it.

The following problems of plant and tree healthcare:

1 - The first problem property owner not aware, not looking up. We offer free site a valuation.

2 - Leaving the problem to fix itself, equals not doing anything.

3 - Praying for divine intervention. I have personally seen and believe that it actually does happen. Problem is that he seems to be quite busy at this time.


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