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Tree Solutions for

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Cape Cod Tree Healthcare | Holbrook House

Tree Health Services:

Healthy trees and plants make a healthy landscape

Healthy trees and plants make a healthy landscape

Arborist John Holbrook and Holbrook House Farm's crews have provided expert tree, shrub and plant healthcare on Cape Cod since 1938. John Holbrook is a household name on Cape Cod. He has been personally providing expert tree care on Cape Cod for more than forty years. He is the 3rd generation of Holbrook arborists practicing professional tree health care on Cape Cod.


Highly Trained Tree Health Experts:

John's highly trained crew of tree experts are dedicated to the goal of improving Cape Cod tree health. He has personally trained his tree experts to work to improve your tree health through advanced tree fertilization techniques and tree disease control.  We use some of the latest cutting edge tree care methods and products.


 Call us for a Free Tree Health Exam:

At Holbrook House, our primary goal is to save trees whenever possible. When you believe that your trees may have a health problem, it is critical that they be diagnosed. One a disease or condition has been identified, an effective treatment needs be started as soon as possible.

Without treatment a diseased tree's health will continue to decline if it is not professionally and effectively treated.  Untreated trees will eventually die, may become dangerous, and at that point, tree removal would be your only option.

Trees are like people. They need regular health care. Even if your trees appear to be healthy, a regular tree physical exam by our tree health experts can insure your trees stay healthy going forward.  A healthy tree in fit condition can help fight off all the nasty things that can attack it.

Call Holbrook House today at 508-362-3348 for an appointment.

Damion Johnson of Damion Tree Services, LLC.
is now serving all customers tree removal needs past and present.
Phone: 774-408-0490 | Email: damion.arborist@gmail.com


Tree Health Care Services offered:


The Native bugs that normally control Lecanium Hard Scale are way down, so the Hard Scale pest population is going way up. Call us! We can help!

Holbrook House Farm arborists have an effective method of treating Lecanium hard scale infestations. They inject systemic insecticides directly into the tree's trunk.  Our hard scale treatment has proven to be especially successful. Our Horticultural oils work by smothering the insect during any stage of its life cycle.  Insecticidal soap is a natural pesticide which is used to kill only the larvae.  Learn more

There are many tree health care services that we offer that can help you maintain a healthy and attractive landscape.

We treat Fungal Root Rot, in or on oaks and maples, do Root Collar Excavation - Tree Trimming and Pruning - Tree Planting and Transplanting - Spring and Fall Horticultural Oil-Organic Pest or Insect Control Treatment - Pine Tip Moth Spray With Pitch Pines - Poison Ivy and Vine Spray - Knotweed Spray - Comfort Spray - Gypsy Moth Spraying - Midsummer Pest Mitigation- Safer Soap Spray - Fungal Ground & Folder Drench in  Spring & Midsummer - Anti-desiccant spray - Through Ground Injection, Kelp Humate and Fish Emulsion - Diseased tree treatments- Pest / Fungal Trunk inject - White Oak Decline.

When Holbrook House Farm arborists perform tree fertilization, disease control, tree pruning and trimming, we pay close attention to clean-up detail. We offer the  planting and transplanting of trees and shrubs.  These are the services that made Holbrook House Farm a leading tree care company on Cape Cod for over 80 years. Need Firewood? We have that. We also sell trees and shrubs.
Learn more

Call your Cape Cod Tree Health Specialists at 508-362-3348 today!

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